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_ Title: I volunteer, po ti?
1 June 2012 – 31 March 2013

Venue: Tirana, Albania

Host and coordinating: Beyond Barriers Association Accreditation nr: 2011-SI-44

The Group EVS project entitled “I volunteer, po ti?” will be implemented from the association Beyond Barriers in Tirana, Albania for a period of 10 months, starting in 1 June 2012 and ending in 31 March 2013 (10 months), with the participation of 4 volunteers from 4 different European Unioun Countries. The aim of this project is to promote volunteerism as an added value to today’s society and the life of youngster. Also in a wider sense contributing to the development of youth participation, exchange of information and especially inclusion growth through offering possibilities of participation for youngsters with fewer opportunities. The main themes of this project are European Voluntarism, local voluntarism in Albania, as well as inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities and information exchange among young peole.

 Intercultural learning, non formal education and learning by doing approaches will ensure an intercultural dimension to the project and the self development of the volunteers. The activities to be implemented from the 4 EVS volunteers will help in achieving the goal and the objective set for this project. The main activities that the EVS volunteers will carry out during the project are:
1.   Supporting the sustainability and continuation of the first Local Volunteer Centre of Tirana, that is established during 2011 and is foreseen to become a coordinating body of local volunterism.
2.   Assisting and social animating for children with learning difficulties in a special school of Tirana.
3.   Providing to youngsters with fewer opportunities, possibility to learn foreign languages (ex.English, French, German, Spanish) basic computer skills and space for recreational and integration activities.
4.   Promoting Local Volunteering among youngsters in Albania, through EVS experience and YiA program, as strong tools and positive testimonials.
5.   Preparing and issuing the Newsletter of the association called “C’kemi”, as well as updating the website www.beyondbarriers.org blog of the EVS volunteers.

While the EVS will have time for developing their ideas about different celebration days related to youth and to disability. They will be free to propose activities and the staff of Beyond Barriers will support them and create the possibilities to realise their initiatives.

The volunteers will work in close cooperation with the staff, the local volunteers and with the special support of the supervisor and the mentor.  When arriving in Albania, the 4 EVS volunteers will  have to spend a period of two months with the former EVS volunteers whom will serve as guide to the newcomers and help them to adapt to a new place, a new culture and a new working space.

As well as the EVS volunteers will have 2 mentors that will spend time with them and help them getting to know more about EVS and Albania as place where they will live for 10 months.  Albanian language course will be offered to the EVS volunteers upon arrival.

The main objectives of this project are:
-       Promote volunteerism as an added value of the European societies - We believe this is the extract that Albanian society misses nowadays. We want to give possibility to youngsters to see volunteerism from another perspective, from the European one transmitted from the EVS volunteers.
-       Raising awareness towards inclusion of people with fewer opportunities - By starting with promotion of volunteerism in a broader sense we believe that the activities to be carried out by the 4 EVS and the local volunteers will help to raise the awareness toward inclusion especially by using the information exchange among young people and those facing different fewer opportunities.
-       Improving quality of information exchange through peer education - Due to the work of the EVS volunteers in the schools, we will offer information directly to the target that is aimed by YiA and thus improving the information exchange though the peer to peer learning approach.
-       Promote Youth in Action programme and its priorities among Albanian youngster - The voice of the EVS volunteer and the local volunteers to be involved in the project will help in the promotion of  YiA in Albania by reaching directly the main target group that are young people.
-       Foster basis on promotion of non formal education approach and intercultural dialogue - EVS volunteer and the project itself shall help in enhancing the level of promotion of non formal education in the  country and the importance of intercultural dialogue as a core element to the European societies
-       Share best practices among local and international volunteers - The chance to work with EVS volunteers from other countries, coming from different backgrounds is a challenge and an opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices between all people involved in the project and the local community.

The Youth in Action programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food, provide a pocket money and cover the activities and will reimburse the participants with 90% of the travel costs. A full health and life insurance will be issued for the volunteer.

All the interested people should send their CV and Motivation letter to: marco@edelaeesti.eu

Deadline: 31st March 2012

<![CDATA[Slovakkiasse vabatahtlikuks!]]>Mon, 10 Oct 2011 10:01:11 GMThttp://edelaeesti.weebly.com/evt-pakkumised/slovakiasse-vabatahtlikuksPicture

Otsime 2 vabatahtlikku, kes sooviks minna Slovakiasse 6 kuni 8 kuuks alates veebruar 2012 .
Vastuvõtvaks organisatsiooniks on “Zabky”, mis asub Košice’s ning MTÜ põhitegevuseks on laste vaba aja sisustamine, mitteformaalne õppimine ja vabatahtliku töö arendamine.

Vabatahtliku ülesanded oleksid:
  • Koostöö arendamine kohalike noortegruppidega, et planeerida ja ellu viia erinevaid tegevusi, mis on suunatud noortele ja lastele
  • Inglise keele õpetamine ja inglise keele õpetaja assisteerimine kohalikus koolis
  • Töötute noorte ja kooliõpilaste informeerimine EVS programmi võimalustest
  • Ürituste organiseerimine
  • Tulevaste EVS vabatahtlike ettevalmistamine ja teavitamine
  • Enda kultuuri tutvustamine (traditsioonid, riided, toit jne)
  • Väikese aia eest hoolitsemine, nt muru niitmine, lillede kastmine
Lisainfo: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=68000214194,

Projekti rahastab Euroopa Liit, mis tähendab, et projekti vältel on tagatud tasuta toitlustus, majutus, kindlustus, lisaks makstakse veel taskuraha. Endal tuleb tasuda kõigest 10% transpordikuludest.

Huvi korral saada inglisekeelne CV ning motivatsioonikiri info@edelaeesti.eu

<![CDATA[Vabatahtlikuks Itaaliasse!]]>Sat, 17 Sep 2011 11:43:41 GMThttp://edelaeesti.weebly.com/evt-pakkumised/vabatahtlikuks-itaaliassePicture

Italian organisation is looking for a long-term volunteer, for 12 months, starting 01. November 2011

Tasks of volunteer

The work of the volunteer will include:

1. Support and back-up during the organisation and realization of the project
  • making new contacts and involving local community;
  • taking part in work of back office, visits and meetings, getting in touch with cultural, historical and nature sights
  • taking part in the meetings of the partners, preparing and planning the activities of centre (the volunteers will have the opportunity to gain abilities for team work and to be actively involved in the decisions, if they are active and willing to develop their organizing skills they can take all the responsibility on organizing one of the festival activities, for example the concerts, youth party, recording and editing music, picnic, youth forum or an intercultural exchange project)
  • an active and creative communication with the local people;
  • participating in the preparation and promoting the activities on place – Cultural Centre Cantiere delle arti;
2. Planning, preparing and organizing the activities of centre;

3. Creating workshops 1-2 times a week activities with the language and music lessons, graphic arts, music for the children and adults

4. Collaboration at providing of the leisure time and life long learning activities (trainings, seminars, trips & researches etc.);

5. Promotion the results of the project activities, web-site, help in designing & creating of print materials; recording and editing music, photo & video; PR materials and info-materials for the public media;

6. Attendance and realizing of public events aimed to popularize and promote “YOUTH IN ACTION” Programme of EU and EVS among the italian youngsters;

7. Planning future activities for realising EVS advantages;

8. Activities on valuating, analyzing and reporting the voluntary service – these activities are going to take place regularly, so the valuation is about to be done informally each month and planned once for each three months.

More info:

You can go to this project thorough European Voluntary Service, which means accommodation, food, insurance is covered and you also get a little bit of pocket money + 90% of travel costs is covered as well.

If you want to apply, please fill in the following application and send it to info@edelaeesti.eu

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<![CDATA[Vabatahtlikuks Hispaaniasse!]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2011 11:47:03 GMThttp://edelaeesti.weebly.com/evt-pakkumised/vabatahtlikuks-hispaaniasseHispaania organisatsioon otsib 2 inimest projektidesse, mis mõlemad kestavad 9 kuud ning projekti algusajaks oleks veebruar 2012.


Vabatahtliku ülesandeks saab olema kohaliku kogukonna ja MTÜde arendamine läbi eri projektide. Lisaks on seal mitmeid saksa keelt kõnelevaid inimesi, nii et lisaks hispaania keelele õpib ära ka saksa keele.

Põhitöö oleks lasteaias, nii et see on mõeldud kõigile, kes armastavad lapsi ning kogemus ei oma tähtsust, kui pole kunagi varem lastega töötanud, siis seal saaksid käpa valgeks.

Kui oled antud projektidest huvitatud, siis kirjuta info@edelaeesti.eu

<![CDATA[Vabatahtlikuks Saksamaale!]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2011 17:36:42 GMThttp://edelaeesti.weebly.com/evt-pakkumised/vabatahtlikuks-saksamaaleSaksa organisatsioon otsib enda ridadesse uusi vabatahtlikke, kes oleks huvitatud töötamast sotsiaalvaldkonnas.
  • Vabatahtlikuks vanuritemajja 12 kuuks, alates jaanuar 2012. Vt lisa andmebaasist 2007-DE-174
  • Vabatahtlikuks hariduskeskusesse 9 kuni 12 kuud, alates veebruar 2012. Vt lisa andmebaasist 2010-DE-241
  • Töö puuetega inimestega, 9 kuni 12 kuud, alates veebruar 2012. Vt lisa andmebaasist 2009-DE-129
  • Töö puuetea inimestega 9 kuni 12 kuud, alates detsember 2011. Vt lisa andmebaasist 2009-DE-132

    Kui soovid lisainfot, siis anna teada info@e

<![CDATA[L├╝hiajaline vabatahtlik teenistus Makedoonias.]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2011 15:30:10 GMThttp://edelaeesti.weebly.com/evt-pakkumised/lhiajaline-vabatahtlik-teenistus-makedooniasMTÜ Together Macedonia otsib oma meeskonda vabatahtlikku, kes töötaks EVS programmi raames 2 nädalat kuni 6 kuud. Lisainfo: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=66000110001

Kas sooviksid omandada uusi kogemusi ja praktikat töötades...
  • lasteaias
  • muuseumis
  • teatris
  • MTÜ Together Macedonia kontoris
  • või lastekodus?

    Anna oma huvist teada info@edelaeesti.eu